D E T A I L S 

Shirt: Target (size x-small) |  Pants: Old Navy (size 0P) |  Heels: Old Navy (size 8- usually a 7-7.5) |  Bag: Target  |  Rings: here (sm) & here (size 5)

Don’t let these pants fool you– they’re made out of cotton and not leather!
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Tis the season of sales and as much as I wanted to hold off on starting my Teacher Holiday Gift Guide Series-- I couldn't wait! ...and I may or may not have a birthday coming up and my mom has left me two voicemails and three text messages asking for a list. 

I never have an answer for the dreaded question: "What do you want for (insert any holiday or special occasion)?" I've learned that even if you don't submit a list, people will end up buying you things anyways. I think we've all been there with the natural consequence of not truly sharing what you want. Last year my brother bought me a mansized Charmander costume. My husband wore it for Halloween this year... He's 6'3....Touche little brother... Lesson learned. 

I love giving gifts but struggle with receiving them... Let alone telling people what I actually want. Can anyone else relate? 

Every Sunday until the week before Christmas, I will be sharing The Teacher Dress Code's Guide to Holiday Shopping! Each week will focus gift ideas under $50.00 for all of our various types of teacher styles! 

This week I am focusing on girly chic-- which is how I would describe my teacher style. I sent this visual and links to my mom for my birthday shopping... fingers crossed!

Whether you are looking for Holiday ideas for yourself, your teacher bestie, gift exchange, or any of the wonderful humans in your life--I'm hoping these ideas will make your Holiday planning and shopping easier 🙂 

A couple questions I have: How would you describe your teacher style? Who on your holiday list is the hardest for you to shop for? Does any one want a mansized Charmander halloween costume? 

Slightly kidding on the last question..... slightly. 

More Girly Chic Picks


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Cheers to having the day off from work and to my first Friday #teacherootd round up! This week I technically only had 3 days of work this week but that didn't stop me from capitalizing on some down time in my classroom and spending some much needed teacher bestie time with my former co-teacher-- the general ed to my special ed!

Shortly after I was involuntarily transferred, my co-teacher voluntarily transferred to the elementary school right down the street from mine. It was pretty crazy-- we both went from 6th grade teachers to 4th grade teachers in the blink of an eye.  She had previously taught at an elementary school where a possible involuntarily transfer situation was going to go down and she was brave enough to volunteer, which landed her at the middle school we worked at. In the midst of watching myself swap places with Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking Ball video, my still-technically-co-teacher told me about her experience 7 years prior. She then told me she some how ended up exactly where she needed to be and that I don't see it now and maybe won't for a while, but maybe the place I'm going is exactly where I'm needed. She was right.  So I just wanted to pass along some of the best advice I had ever gotten and actually listened to while in the middle of my MTV debut-- whatever is happening in your classroom or in your life, you might not see it now, and you might not see it for a while, but maybe the place you're going is exactly the place you need to be.  5,4,3,2,1 thank you for keeping quiet voices during my moment of reflection... we will now be transitioning to my teacher outfits! Outfits + Sizing Details + Other Styling Ideas = BELOW! 

Fall Teacher Outfit Ideas featuring 7 jeans, Old Navy, Target, and Stella & Dot

D E T A I L S 
Sweater: Target (size x-small) |  JeansNordstrom Rack (size 23) |  ShoesOld Navy (size 7 & 20% off) |  Necklace: 5 in 1  |  Bag: Under $100! (wish it wasn't so heavy...#lessonplans)

Featured Teacher Staple:  Chenille pull-over is a fall closet sample that can be casually rocked on a Monday or glammin' on a Tuesday. It's currently on-sale at Target. I'm wearing an x-small!
--->Dress it up: Throw this sweater over a fall button down,add a pair of textured jogger , and pair of block heeled pumps!

Teacher Fall Outfit idea featuring Nordstrom Rack, Target Style, and Stella & Dot

D E T A I L S 
Top: Similar  |  Pants: Target (xx-small, runs large) |  Shoes: Target (size 7.5, fit perfectly) |  Necklace: 5 in 1

Featured Teacher Staple:  These Crepe joggers felt as if I was wearing pajamas at work. I instantly felt slightly more sophisticated which left me feeling confused because I usually associate sophisticated with uncomfortable... I can't wait to wear these all season!
--->Dress it down: Trade in the blouse for your favorite teacher-tee, layer on a jean jacket, and throw on some chucks to turn the dress code down a notch!


Elementary Teacher Outfit Idea, Target Outfits

Dress: Target (size x-small)  |  Boots: Target (size 7.5)

Featured Teacher Staple:  I'm slightly Scrunch Tall Boot obsessed. These boots have the perfect amount of room for thick wool socks and a tasteful heel. I'm blown away that these boots are under $50! Target is totally missing out on money!
--->Dress it down: pair these rockstar boots with a pair of rockstar dark denim  and tunic sweater for a more casual look!


Elementary Teacher Fall Outfits

D E T A I L S Sweatshirt: Target (size x-small)  |  Jeans: Loft (size 24 & 40% off with code HAPPY |  Shoes: Target  (size 7) |  Gold Ring: Under $30! (size s/m)

Featured Teacher Staple:  When I saw Jojo wearing camo on the bachelorette, I knew I would love all things camo. I felt a little upset today when I had to strategically take it off to prevent my puppy from altering it to more of a punk-rock look. --->Dress it up: the slim fitness of the sweatshirt would pair perfectly with a black pencil skirt, some velvet sandals (20% off with code CHEERS), and a statement necklace! and because I love teaching slightly more than I love fashion... check-out my two new lesson plan freebies!

Teacher Fall Style

Sometimes it’s the little things, like packages filled with full-sized beauty, tech, and fashion products, that can completely turn our days around. I’ve been subscribing to #FabFitFun for over a year and it puts a huge smile on my face every time it arrives. I wanted to share with everyone the 6 reasons why I love #FabFitFun because I honestly think you would love it too! Sneak peak of the 2017 WINTER box below!!!!

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Most loved #FabFitFun Products


Sweater: Nordstrom Rack  |  Jeans: Target  |  Shoes:  DSW

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IMG_2378D E T A I L S 
Dress: Under $30!  |  Boots: Rainboots  |  Necklace: 3 Necklaces in 1!

Coming in hot at 4 feet 2 inches tall– hood up, scowl game on point, fast head turn to avoid making eye contact, arms crossed and… “Well why didn’t you tell me you were going to have a sick day yesterday?” *Deep glare into my soul for a solid 15 seconds until I realized I had to respond* “I didn’t know I was going to take a sick day. I woke up at 3 am with a fever and very congested.” No change in stance. “Well you could have told me! I’ve been waiting to do my work for you.”

Read more for the recipe! 
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StellaDotTEACHERdresscoHalloween + Payday + HUGE STELLA & DOT SALE = TRICK & TREAT YOURSELF!
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D E T A I L S 
Shirt: UW Similar  |  Cardigan: Buy 1, get 1 50% off!  |  Jean Skirt: Under $25!
Rainboots: Must have!  |  Boot Socks: 2 for 8!
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img_1706.jpgD E T A I L S 
Blouse: Similar!  |  Jeans: 20% off! use code: JEANS  |  Shoes: Here!  |
Teacher Lesson Planner: Lesson Planner

A letter to all my wonderful teachers out there below!
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D E T A I L S 
Olive Blouse: Here!  | Black Chinos: here!  |  Black Boots: 2 colors!
Black Dress: Under 13!!!  |  Ankle Boots: here!
Gray Sweater: Here!  | Pull-on Pants: Under $20!  |  Sneakers: here!

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