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CAUTION: I am not a Pinterest Teacher and do not have a Pinterest Classroom… However, I absolutely love taking an instructional idea and putting my idea into practice… However, my teacher bestie is @BecomingPinterest… Follow her (plus a little bit of me) along for more classroom design, inspiration, and activities!

Below are free resources that I have created! Click the links below! Click the pink links to download 🙂

How I plan on using this product: Trapped in a snow globe creative writing activity! This is the perfect writing activity for before winter break. We will be working on these today (12/12) and I will post one of our finished product. 

Winter Picture Book —> WinterPictureBook

How I plan on using this product:I’m going to have students create picture books over winter break using the characters and landscapes provided. After I give them the packet, I’m going to ask them to complete our universal creative writing graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas. From there, they can cut out the characters or create their own, to develop their story.
—> Differentiation:  for non-readers/writers, they can design the visuals and orally tell a story to family members during break and you after break. For emerging writers, someone can record their story in the text boxes provided. For writers, they can write their own original story in the boxes below. 

Student Desk Encouragements: On the top of all of my desks you can find one of these desk encouragements (I just re-did the pattern). At the beginning of the year, my students chose which encouragement they were working on believing about themselves. They taped it on the top of their desk and it’s the first thing they read when they walk in. Once a month, we chose if they want to continue working towards their encouragement or if they believe it to be true about themselves. Sometimes they walk in and say, “I think I need to be hardworking today…” and will sit at the “You are hardworking” desk.

Decoding Workbook: I am a 5th grade resource room teacher and have a couple students who are reading at the 1st/2nd grade level. I created this resource to boost understanding of word parts, syllables, and context. I used it last week and my students LOVED it and responded incredible well to the instruction. We worked on it for 10 minutes every day and created flashcards with word parts and words (see template below). Additionally, I collaborated with a few of my fifth graders to write a culturally responsive short story series that will incorporate the words from each week.  I will be adding another one soon!

Gratitude Reflection

Gratitude Reflection Journal: Working in a title 1 school has changed my perspective on the frequency of school breaks. Tomorrow we will be starting 3 days of gratitude. On the cover, they will write their name and draw flowers in the vase. One pages 1 & 2, they will draw pictures or write words of what they have– adding more each day. After they will do their first gratitude reflection. We will complete reflection process on Tuesday & Wednesday. On Wednesday, I will send this home with a gratitude card with a little note from me. 

Fraction –> Decimal Snowflake

Writing Journal Template with built-in IEP writing accommodations!

Academic Vocabulary Journal Template

Set of 4 Editable Flashcard Template

Student Shout Out Cards

socer spelling

Comic Book Writing Workbook 

Writing Complete Sentences Worksheets

Meet The Teacher Template

Growing our Neurons



Loe the academic vocabulary journal! Will definitely be using this in my classroom!


Thank you 🙂 If there is anything else you’re looking for please let me know!

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