It had been awhile since I actually stepped foot into an H&M store and I’m so glad I did. Well, step foot into a mall, I should say. By the end of the day or the weekend, the last thing I want to do is go shopping. On-line shopping has been my go-to the last couple months. I admit, I had forgotten how nice it is to try on the clothes before you buy them…

I think it would be more likely to find a unicorn than have an easy work week. Maybe it’s a teacher thing, a title thing, I’m not too sure? This week my readiness for spring could have been seen from the moon. I’m ready for some warmth! I’m feeling a little disappointed that the ground hog saw his shadow… 6 more weeks of winter? I’m wondering if this technique is an evidence-based practice. WELL! Cheers to spring inspired teacher winter outfits coming early. This weeks details are below!

Top: Hm (size 2)  |  Jeans: Gap (size 24)  |  Shoes: Amazon (size 7.5)  |  Necklace: Target  |  Desk: Zulily

Featured Teacher Staple: I can’t stop wearing this SUGARFIX by BaubleBar statement necklace from Target. The pictures on the website don’t even capture it’s simplistic mixed metal beauty. Statement jewelry sat on the bench for a couple years and I’m SO HAPPY it’s making it’s Britney Comeback!

Wait… Speaking of comebacks! Did everyone see the SPICE GIRLS REUNION PICTURE? They are apparently “exploring new opportunities together.” PLEASE TELL ME THAT’S A REUNION CONCERT? The great obsession of my life will forever be The Spice girls. Anyone else????

Top: H&M  (size 2) |  Pants: Old Navy (size 24 R- sold out) – Regular Black PixieFlats: Nordstrom Rack  |  Necklace: Gold Choker

Featured Teacher Staple: After wearing mules twice this week, I’ve bought my one-way ticket on the mule train. Like most new fashion styles, it took me a couple months to warm-up to the idea. I was worried about my feet slipping out during my frequent power walks out of my classroom to usually an unknown designation within my school, but they surprisingly passed the test. Target has a very similar style in black for under $25! I might have to order these… 

Back to The Spice Girls. I remember the exact outfit I was wearing when my brave mother took me and three friends to see Spice World. Obviously a little black dress and cheetah tights! I remember we were singing and dancing so tough in the car that it was physically bouncing up and down. One of the best nights of my life. PLEASE SPICE GIRLS, COMEBACK!

Target (size xs) |  Jeans: Gap (size 24 r)  |  Mules: Target (size 7.5)  |  Earrings: Stella & Dot

Featured Teacher Staple: I’m slightly embarrassed about the length it took me to purchase a white-button down. I’ve seen them all over pinterest paired with super cute shoes… It’s just so hard to find one that doesn’t feel like a pillow case. This white button down from Target fit my frame perfectly. It doesn’t feel like a regular button down– it’s slightly softer. I can’t wait to wear this with bright & fun pixies!

If you are not a fan of The Spice Girls, I am so sorry. DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THE SPICE GIRL LOLLIPOPS? They were so delicious. AND THE SPICE GIRL BARBIES!? I actually need to text my mom to see if she kept these some where… Talk about prize possession when you’re six years old. The music was so good in 1996… I think the world would be a better place if they played more 90’s music on the radio!

Target (size xs)Similar |  Jeans: Target (size 0)  |  Shoes: Target (size 8) |  Necklaces: one & two  |  Purse: Amazon

Featured Teacher Staple: This red purse is UNDER $20! I kept it tucked away in my teacher bag because I knew I was going… to a happy hour that I didn’t actually make it too because Friday was emotionally draining… BUT! It fit in my teacher bag 🙂 The quality of this bag is INSANE for the price… It looks AND feels like Kate Spade. It’s about twice as thick as most crossbody which I love! Most my bags are neutrals and it’s been a challenge stepping out of my bag game comfort zone. Starting small and under $20 was one of the better ideas I’ve had. This crossbody is perfect to pair with your Valentines Day outfit!

*Text message to mother SENT!* I will let everyone know when she responds. Before Fujifilm Instax’s were cool, my dad shipped me this SPICE GIRL POLARIOD. Apparently, something I played with when I was six is now considered vintage and can be sold for over $100! I’m only 27… things can become vintage so soon? Don’t worry though! If you missed out on your chance to own this gem back in the day, ebay has a couple listed for under $60! I WONDER IF MY MOM STILL HAS THIS, TOO!

*second text message sent* This post may provide evidence that suggests I have not grown out of my Spice Girl obsession…

If you’re spending your Sunday Funday shopping, here are some GREAT sales that are happening on-line AND at a mall (that maybe you avoid like me) near you.

Weekend Sales
Old Navy –> 20% off –> CODE: SWEET
Gap –> 40% off –> CODE: HAPPY
LOFT –> $50 off of $100 –> CODE: SCORE
Banana Republic –> 40% –> NO CODE NEEDED
J.Crew Factory –> 40% off –> Most Styles
J.crew –> 25% off –> 48HOURS

This next week I will be slammed working on IEPs, progress reports, and problem solving… but my fingers are crossed my instagram feed is filled with joy from a Spice Girls Reunion Tour. IF THERE IS A TOUR– WHO’S COMING WITH ME? I would fly anywhere… WHO IS IN? Fingers crossed…

If you love the Spice Girls as much as I do… PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Let’s plan THIS… Once it’s HOPEFULLY announced! 

Ashley Boston

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Hi honey! Josh and I will keep an eye out for your Spice Girl camera and the entire set of dolls that you had of them! Oh, and about taking you and your three friends to their concert, you girls were singing and jumping so hard in the car, I thought I had gotten a flat tire!!! That was a special time and memory for all of us! Wish you never grew up and left home! I miss my little girl, but I am so proud of my grown up daughter! Love you! mom

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