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You know the whole love in first sight thing? I actually believe in it.

Today marks 8 years of loving my husband. I love sharing with everyone my story and hearing yours. Today I wanted to share with you the beginning of our story and introduce you all to the love of my life. Nick.

I’m twenty-seven and he’s twenty-nine. We met at the University of Washington in the middle of an epic fraternity party… really romantic I know. What’s even more romantic is three months prior to meeting him, another gentlemen had asked me to add Nick on facebook. Cheers to being facebook friends for three months before meeting. The gentleman and his girlfriend had recently broken up and Nick and the gentleman’s ex-girlfriend started hanging out. To find out what was going on, me, the little freshmen, and the gentleman stalked away.

I didn’t drink in high school and fraternity parties were not really my thing. After hours of “come on! Just go. It’s going to be fun” I put on my dancing shoes (flats), a plastic bag on my head, and went.

I can still vividly recall the first time I saw Nick. I was standing in the middle of a 90 degree dance floor, talking with my friends. I was facing the door and saw the moment he walked in. He’s was cute.  Immediately I whispered to my friend, “that’s Nick Boston… awkward… we are facebook friends…”

About fifteen minutes later, Nick and one of his friends walked over to us and we started to talk. All the thoughts running through my mind ranged from: he is perfect to I need to walk away, he would never like someone like me.

Someone like me. Someone who’s story was better left kept within, because sharing about  myself would reveal years of trauma, struggle, and pain. I remember sitting and talking to Nick on the couch and panicking inside. I hated sharing any information about myself. Questions like where did you grow up? What does your dad do? Have you ever been to (insert any cool place)? Did you play sports in high school? all filled my heart with so much anxiety.

Part of my life plan was going to college and re-creating myself. I didn’t want to be the person my teachers perceived me to be or the girl who felt like she was constantly standing up for herself. When you grow up in a small town, everyone knows everything about you. It’s true. And it’s awful. I’ll never forget in sixth grade when I was an emotional wreck. At school, no one would invite me to parties because my emotions would go from 0-100. “Don’t invite Ashley. She’s so dramatic.” I was hurt. Instead of acting like it bothered me, I developed an “eff off” type attitude that I carried with me until the first day of college.

My college game plan was avoid answering any questions or tell white lies– you know, to keep everyone from finding out about the old you. I’m pretty sure I didn’t answer any questions Nick asked me the first night with honesty. We exchanged phone numbers and he had texted me asking if we could get coffee the next day. We did.

About five days in, I went to my best guy friend in high schools apartment which was in the U-district. He was going to Seattle Central Community College and I loved having him close. Almost all of my friends were guys in high school. I told my three best guys friends about Nick and spilled out all of my fears. I’m fully shaking my head as I am typing this. They had managed to convince me to call him, show up at his fraternity, and spill my ENTIRE life story to him. What a brilliant idea. I’ve known this incredibly handsome, smart, charming, and thoughtful guy for FIVE DAYS… who is two years older than me, in the most popular fraternity, and the most gorgeous human I had ever met. Great idea…

In my head there were three outcomes: he would take out a restraining order on me, he would feel really bad, think I was slightly crazy, and friend zone me or he would see the value in me that I wasn’t sure existed.

After 2 hours worth of tears and my story plastered around the walls of his frat room, he saw the value in me. That was the first moment I had entertained the idea that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t the person I believed myself to be. Maybe I did have value, I could be loved, and someone could see past all my issues and insecurities. Maybe I was worth it.

Over the last eight years, we have grown together through the pains, goofed around on the daily, and learned how to truly work together as a team. We have survived hardships, long distance, and differences in communication. The best part is that every day we continue to learn and grow together.

There is so much girl power everywhere right now and I love it. If i’m completely honest though, I would not be where I am today if it was not for his belief in me and love for me. 

The greatest gift my husband has ever given me is the strength to embrace who I am. That same strength I try to teach to my students.

Never in a million years did I think I would find love at a triad frat party my freshmen year of college… but I think that is kind of how life goes. Things happen when you least expect them.



Ashley Boston


Beautiful….This brought tears to my eyes!!

Ah! I can’t wait to hear your story some day 🙂 Next time you’re up here!

What a great love story. And what a great guy to not just run away from the girl oversharing after a week of dating! I feel like most guys that age would have labeled one a psycho and ran away. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Oh my gosh– right? That’s honestly what I thought was going to happen… Thank you 🙂

Beautiful story Ashely! I wish we knew each other in high school you seem like a lovely person and I would’ve loved getting to know you.

Beautiful story Ashley! Wish we knew each other in high school , you seem like a lovely person.

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