Dress code: 3 Way to Wear Rain Boots to Work

By default growing up in Washington state makes me a rain boot girl. According to weather.com it rains an average of 150 days each year in Seattle. With those statistics, I’m surprised I only have 2 pairs of rain boots– I might need to change that. Rain boots are a must when you live in the pacific northwest… or anywhere that rains more than 20 days a year. Sometimes the dilemma of should I wear rain boots to work today? can be easily decided because it’s not a Friday and you can’t wear jeans or leggings.

Rain boots are the absolute best because you can walk through puddles, jump in puddles, splash water from puddles… When I was an undergraduate at The University of Washington I use to love walking around campus on rainy days just to splash around. I’m such a kid.

Here are my 3 favorite ways to wear rain boots to work… aka making rain boots look some what professional!

rain boots + sweater dress

Similar  |  Jacket: Target  |  Scarf: Similar  |  Bag: Target  |  Watch: Marc Jacobs  |  Lipstick: Bobbi Brown

rain boots + dress + sweater + tights

D E T A I L S 
Sweater: Target  |  Dress: Forever 21 |  Tights: Target  |  Boots: Amazon  |  Lipstick: Amazon

rain boots + jeans + teacher tee

D E T A I L S 
Sweatshirt: The Wright Stuff Chics  |  Boots: Amazon  |  Necklace: here  |  Bracelet: here  |  Watch: here

I would love to hear your favorite way to wear rain boots 🙂

Ashley Boston

The Cutest Little Rain Boots

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LOVE!!! It’s finally raining in CA and I have been trying to figure out how to wear my Hunters!! Also, love your Kate Spade bag!! Such a great shape! Always love your posts Ashley 🙂

How often does it rain in California? I feel like I would still wear rainboots even if it didn’t haha… It’s been ingrained in my soul at this point! Thanks for reading!

I love all three! They are perfect combination of cute and warm! I might have to try combo number three!! It’s suppose to be extra rainy and they allowed Jean day! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you 🙂 Seattle’s weekly forecast has called for another week of straight rain… Definitely going to be trying out new combinations! Thank you for reading!

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