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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit 

I can’t imagine that any other profession drinks as much coffee per day as teachers. Coffee is brewing in our staff rooms, our cute to-go mugs, and tucked away in our top drawers. Coffee flowing through our veins is what fuels all the magic that happens… aka life in all tiny humans.


The only days I skip out on my daily cup of Joe is if I replace it with a medicine ball tea. I usually have at least one cup at home and one cup at school, sometimes a lot more.

Drinking coffee every single day comes with a slight expense…pearly white teeth.

Let’s just focus on the amount of time I’ve spent officially being a teacher. For 180 days, 2.25 years, and an average of 3 cups a day, that’s 1,215 cups of coffee. That’s a lot of opportunity for coffee stains on my chompers.

I teamed up with Smile Brilliant to test out its effectiveness for our coffee infused souls. I can honestly say Smile Brilliant is the perfect whitening system for teachers.

One of my best friends is a dental hygienist and I was sharing the Smile Brilliant process with her. She was blown away with my description of the product, the process, and the results. It’s exactly like the whitening systems you can pick up at your dentist office— but 10% of the price.

The Kit

The Smile Brilliant Kit arrives perfectly packaged to your door with all the products needed to create teeth trays that fit your teeth to the desensitizing gel. The kit includes easy to follow step by step directions to create your trays, send them back, whiten, and desensitize. 

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The Trays

To get the most effective teeth whitening results, Smile Brilliant walks you through the process of creating trays that replicate your teeth. At first I was really intimidated by this step and actually put it off for a couple days. Seriously, it was a peace of cake. I’m not the best at following directions and if I can do it, you can do it too. You mix two different molds together, put the clay over the trays, bite, and hold. I love that Smile Brilliant cares about your sanity and sends you an extra tray creation set. After you’ve finished, you place the trays in a prepackaged envelope and send it back. Within days, your beautiful teeth molded trays arrive back at your doorstep.

The Whitening Gel

Smile Brilliant has crafted a professional quality formula that evenly distributes and stays on your teeth. For the amount of whitening gel you squeeze into your trays, I sure noticed less of a taste than when I’ve done any other whitening strips in the past. You are in control of how long you wear your trays and how much whitening gel you use. I have really sensitive teeth and I loved having the ability to control what I was doing and test out how my teeth and gums responded to the product.

You can wear your trays daily, every other day, for 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. You can easily fit them within your busy schedule.

The Desensitizing Gel

After you have finished with the whitening gel and finished your trays, you apply the desensitizing gel to your trays and wear them for 15 minutes. The desensitizing gels goal is to soothe any tooth sensitivity and protect your teeth from re-staining during the teeth whitening process.

The Results

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! I never felt like my teeth were yellow or had coffee stains until I was without natural light looking in the bathroom mirror. In most pictures and outside, my teeth had some clear coffee stains but it was inside, inside my classroom that I felt the most uncomfortable with my smile. After completing the Smile Brilliant process I feel confident with my smile indoors.

The Overall Review

Smile Brilliant is the perfect teeth whitening system for our teacher coffee addictions and our friends and family. While seemingly slightly intimidating at first, the overall process was incredible easy thanks to thoughtful planning on the masterminds behind Smile Brilliant. I noticed instant results and I didn’t experience the discomfort that I had experience with teeth whitening products in the past. The fact that this is 100% comparable to what you can pick up at the dentist office AND only costs $159 (for the heavy stain kit, the light stain is only $129). If you go to the dentist and get a comparable kit, the can cost up to $715 dollars.

Also, I would like to give a special shout out and appreciation to the Smile Brilliant team for their flexibility, understanding, and pro-activeness during this process. The feelings I experienced during the Smile Brilliant process is very similar to all of my costumer services experiences I’ve had with Nordstrom. I felt supported, understood, and helped. To have both with a product is amazing and I couldn’t recommend the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System enough.

Wearing my trays in this picture 🙂

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