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For the first time in twenty years, Seattle had a white Christmas. We only had 4 inches of snow and the entire town shut down. I remember being in Boston a couple of years ago and there was 4 feet of snow and cars were still driving around. Seattle, stores closed. I hope everyone is recharging and spending a lot of time with friends and family over break. School is upon us and for a lot of cities, rain is rising and temperatures are dropping.

I’m going to be spending a lot more time out at recess during the new year. Recess is the hardest time of day for most of our kiddos and I’m on a mission to figure out why. If you have any experience in recess drama and ideas on why or how to make it better, please send me a message!

To prepare, I researched and ordered recess duty essentials, and BOOM. Here are my findings. I think I’m going to invest in some hand warmers too 🙂

I’m starting my annual new year closet clean out today and will be adding a lot of items on Mercari. Mercari is my favorite way to clean out out my closet and make some extra money. After a couple months if things haven’t told, I will donate them to good will.

To sign up and get $10 off your first purchase, click here and use code JPDQRF!

What projects are you working on this week?


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