Dress Code: A cute Christmas tee

Shirt: The Wright Stuff Chics  |  Necklace: The Sutton  |  Jeans: Lulus  

It’s about time I wrap some presents. I’ve been seeing everyones cute wrapping jobs all over instagram! Everyone’s wrapping paper this year has come from Target… I need to get there after my couch potato morning phase is over. I honestly would be content if everyone bought me a t-shirt from The Wright Stuff Chics this year. They have the CUTEST teacher tees! I’m particularly in love with their Santa’s surveillance team shirt!

I work in a dual language, title 1, elementary school and there is an emphasis on not celebrating Christmas at school. I always celebrated all the holidays in school and when I first found out about this, I felt pretty uncomfortable. It’s been fun focusing on different winter assignments and bringing in the joy of the Holiday’s without saying the word Christmas. I can’t wait to teach Holiday’s all over the world next year! 

Last Friday, a lot of teachers decided to wear cute Christmas sweaters. I am such a rule follower, I annoy myself. I wish I would have worn this tee! My students were giving me a hard time about always following the rules (but HEY! That’s the expectation I’m trying to set for them, I’ve got to hold my self to the same expectation!) and I explained that all the teachers wearing Christmas sweaters were rebels. Of course, a couple of my fifth graders loved the idea of teachers being rebels. So by nature, every teacher that walked by, their finger would point and they would shout REBEL at them. I wish you could have seen my face. I was slightly mortified but also dying of laugher on the inside. 

Come February I am going to be a self-proclaimed rebel and rock this shirt. For those of you who are lucky enough to celebrate Christmas and wear a cute Christmas tee during the appropriate seasonal time, get this, ROCK it, dress it up, and WEAR IT. If you work in a school that is culturally sensitive (which I really appreciate and love about my school) rock it in February with me. 

Our next behavior dip is around midwinter break. February 16th, this shirt is on deck for an epic little reminder that Santa’s surveillance is all year round. Just when your students have forgotten about the naughty and nice list– what’s better then throwing in a visual reminder while you stand in front of 25 squiggly tiny humans? I’ve never thought about throwing in random Christmas reminders during the school year but it’s a new behavior management technique I will be starting. It’s by no means a best practice and there is no evidence to support this idea… but i’m doing it! Ha. 

With that being said, I now propose a cute Christmas tee being a teacher dress code essential! Keep it in your closet year round and wear it when behavior starts picking up. This is probably more of a tier 1 behavior interventions and in a perfect world would work for 80% of students at your school (if they celebrate Christmas). So… who’s with me? Wearing this shirt in February? Let’s test out the effectiveness of Santa’s surveillance throughout the school year. 

Leave “I’m in!” in the comments to participate in wearing Christmas tees all year! I’m so weird… I’m sorry HA!

A huge shout out to The Wright Stuff Chics for continuing to make the cutest and trendiest tees at reasonable prices for us busy teachers!

Ashley Boston

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