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Over the last couple of weeks i’ve been very observant in my quest of finding the perfect theme for my last holiday teacher guide guide. In this pursuit I have come to a realization about myself– I’m a pretty impractical teacher. I’m not one of those stop and think what will I need at school today? What do I find myself wishing I had throughout the school day? type teachers. Maybe it’s because my schedule changes on the daily and i’m constantly multi-tasking student crisis, fifth grade recess “opportunities of growth” and trying to meet grade level standards through specially designed instruction (insert progression from laughing to crying emojis). I will have these spilt second ugh I wish I had ______  and then my mind goes to the next thing.

Oddly enough, I operate most effective in pure chaos but some how manage to receive lots type “A” teacher comments… I’m embracing the strangeness in myself… Back to me secretly stalking my colleagues for the last couple of weeks– the majority of teachers (myself excluded) are fully prepared for their personal needs throughout the day. Wait… maybe that’s what it is… I haven’t learned how to incorporate my own needs. Blogging has become very eye opening ha!

This Holiday Teacher Gift Guide is dedicated to all those teachers who have the #teacherlife figured out but need some upgrades and all the teachers out there like me that have worn a broken lanyard all year, noticed, and didn’t even think twice about getting a new one. 

Which leads me to my first item of pure excitement.  A LANYARD THAT LOOKS LIKE A NECKLACE? I honestly had no idea these existed. How I’ve made it through 2 full years of teaching without searching for a lanyard alternative blows my mind. This company has multiple designs and finishes. To top it off, Kate Spade makes badge holders with seasonal and every day prints. Fingers are crossed these show up in my stocking.

Recess drama is real and this book could possibly be the best educational tool since Kahoot. Yes, I want a recess book with diagrams of the games, the rules, and 150 different recess game ideas. This gift may present itself as a gift for your students, I have a feeling it will preserve what is left of our elementary teacher sanity. 

May all the teacher iced coffee jokes become a thing of the past! Apparently there are desk coffee cup warmers and I wouldn’t mind hiding one of these behind my chair. I had some strong internal dialogue about the actual functionality of a coffee cup warmer and I decided I would actually use one.

Scarfs for recess, nail polish on hand for when you’ve washed your hands over 100 times to try to avoid the plague and your nail chops, and moisturizing hand cream (for the same reason previously stated) are all top picks for the every day survival of teachers. My goal is to finish up my Christmas shopping this weekend! How is your Christmas shopping going? Sending everyone warm wishes as we finish the school week strong and prepare for the holidays!

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Ashley Boston

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