Holiday Teacher Gift Guide: Polished & Preppy Teacher

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Part 3 of my Holiday Teacher Gift Guide series! Can you believe there are only 3 more days in November! Time sure flies when you’re a…

well every day flies when you’re a teacher! 

For most of us, we have 20 more school days until Christmas break. This might be the roughest stretch of the school but but luckily we are in it together. Over Thanksgiving break I summoned my inner #stopteacherguilt alter-ego and hid my work computer. As soon as I finish this post I will be responding to everyones kind and thoughtful comments.

This weeks Holiday Teacher Gift Guide is for all you (or someone on your holiday shopping list) polished & preppy teachers out there. This gift guide was inspired by multiple wonderful teachers I’ve worked with in my career. I currently outfit stalk one of the teachers every day because her classroom is right across the hall from mine.  Every day she is dressed head to toe in the cutest button downs with perfectly matched sweaters (for some reason when I try this look, the mirror and camera add about 25 pounds per sweater) and lovely variations of earth toned prints.

This week, i’ve been drooling over #4, #8, and #11!

# 4 – The Wright Stuff Chics Santa Surveillance Team Shirt: a little disclaimer but this fun-loving holiday tee is already in my outfit rotation. This tee is a must-have early Holiday gift to make sure the hardworking teacher in your life gets to sport it! This is the perfect holiday gift exchange gift or “YAY. WE ARE SURVIVING THE WRATH OF TINY HUMANS!” celebration present for your teacher bff.

#8 – Teacher Definition Pouch: every teacher needs a cute pencil pouch to keep in her teacher bag. You can’t beat the price at $10.88 with amazon prime shipping! Pencil pouches are so universal and what teacher doesn’t love an adorable definition that honors the daily efforts of their job? I have 3 different pencil pouches in my workbag right now. One for my external hard drive, my pens, and my “first aid kit.”

# 11 – Faux Burberry Scarf: Temperatures are dropping faster than kids getting the flu making this scarf an awesome gift for any teacher. This versatile scarf can easily be added or removed for our stress levels, I mean body temperatures, throughout the busy school day.

I haven’t heard about saving a date for our holiday party so… i’m going to be asking around about that tomorrow. What do you and your colleagues do to celebrate the holidays together?

For more teacher gift ideas, check out my holiday teacher gift guides for the girly chic teacher & the classically vibrant teacher— click the pink links!

I hope everyone has the happiest Monday full of happy students & even happier colleagues!

Ashley Boston

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