Holiday Teacher Gift Guide: Classically Vibrant Teacher

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Pajamas ALL DAY— 3 more days until I can make that my mantra for 4 straight days of family, relaxation, and lifetime/hallmark movies! Monday is the new Funday and here is #2 of 5 in my Holiday Teacher Gift Guide Series! 

In the spirit of a 3-day Thanksgiving Break week, I will be packing a pair of tennis shoes in my teacher bag to properly prepare myself. AND I will most likely be wearing the “don’t make me use my teacher voice” shirt from my previous gift guide post. Mama Diane let me open a couple birthday gifts early. My husband had the best commentary when I opened the shirt, “Except I’m pretty sure I hear your teacher voice way more than your kids.” FACT. I use to think I was still developing my teacher voice but I think my teacher voice might be a little different than what you would typically think of.

Some teachers voices are very stern and embody I’m not messing around and you know it. If I had to hide a hidden camera in my classroom (which the kiddos think I have;)) i’m pretty sure my teacher voice would be very calm, quiet, and embody I notice you’re having a hard time and I’m here for you but take a deep breath because you know I wouldn’t ask you to do something if I didn’t think  you could do it. Maybe that isn’t the message it sends every time, but that’s my goal with my “teacher voice”— what’s your goal? What does your teacher voice sound like? Holiday gift guide time!

For this weeks Holiday Teacher Gift Guide, I have mouse arrow selected my favorite gift ideas for the bright, bubbly, cutesy, and incredibly organized teacher! All these gifts are under $50 with most gifts under $25! I’m having so much fun intensively searching for different gift ideas. It’s shifting my perspective on creating my own wish-lists in the future. A couple gift ideas that are making it difficult for me to stay focused and in my seat are: #1, #8, #10, and #12!

# 1 — Erin Condren Colorful Bundle for $25: Wait… All of these colorful and bright lesson book or planner accessories for $25? This is an absolute steal! It comes with my FAVORITE double-tip pens and stylized sticky notes! This is over a $60 value!

#8 — Target’s Pajamas ALL DAY set: I don’t know a single teacher who doesn’t spend at least one day during their break all day in their pajamas. This set is under $25 and can be mix-and-matched with a variety of different oversized t-shirts and cozy pajama pants. Every teacher needs a nice set of pajamas for their netflix & on-line shopping day!

# 10 — Sippy Wine Cup: For the teacher mom or teacher pet lover, this is the perfect knock over proof wine glass to help one destress, reenergizer, and have a smooth glass of your favorite wine. I teach therefore I drink is a great representation of what teaching does to you during the holiday season. This little sippy would give a warm laugh to any teacher on your holiday shopping list. 

#12 — Traveling Jewelry Case: Before owning a traveling jewelry case, my necklaces would be tangled in knots, earrings would disappear. I wouldn’t pack certain pieces because of the two reasons just shared. It keeps my earring pairs intact, my delicates knot free, and my statements safe from heels to the jewels. It’s one of those gifts that most people haven’t heard of but when they open it and use it, it becomes a traveling essential!  

I’ve already been putting gift ideas together for next weeks post and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Any particular gift guides that you’re interest in, I would love for you to leave in the comments or send me an e-mail at– can’t wait to hear from you!

Ashley Boston

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