Dress Code: Pixie Pants

D E T A I L S 

Shirt: Target (size x-small) |  Pants: Old Navy (size 0P) |  Heels: Old Navy (size 8- usually a 7-7.5) |  Bag: Target  |  Rings: here (sm) & here (size 5)

Don’t let these pants fool you– they’re made out of cotton and not leather!
How to wear velvet heels

These pants are the coolest thing since being able to use your project to create perfect drawings and A+ anchor charts! They look like leather but with the shape and material of dress pants. One of my favorite things to do about teacher fashion is mixing professionalism with chic-ism and adding a touch of the girly girl in me.

While I utterly love the mix-and-match fall trend pieces in this outfit– i’m going to save the outfit details for my Saturday round-up post.

One thing that I believe makes teaching so special is we are constantly learning and growing with our students (if we are open to it of course). A couple weeks ago when the #10randomfacts instagram tagging loop was happening, I shared 10 facts about me. When I was reflecting on all the things I could choose, I had a couple realizations about myself, why I am a teacher, and why I started “blogging.”

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like your voice didn’t matter? It was unheard? You were just letting the waves crash into the shore and riding the motions? That was the place I found myself in most of last year– I had lost the comfort of speaking my truth. I remember sitting in meetings where I had an idea or disagreed with a solution and felt frozen. Over the summer I made a make-shift behavior intervention plan for myself. I wanted to get my voice back, feel confident in speaking my truth, and continue my journey of advocating for our countries children.

Starting a blog was something I had debated back and forth for years. At the end of the day I always stopped out of fear of being judged– for my writing, which was something I always struggled with in school and college. For my ideas, for my fashion choices, for my experiences and my truths… which is funny to me because up until last year, in every other avenue of my life, I have been pretty outspoken and didn’t care what people thought– i’m realizing now that might have been because I was comfortable and usually surrounded by people that I trusted.

My voice was continuing to distance itself from my truths when I decided I was just going to go all in and go for it. The insecurity of my writing had stopped all my “should I start a blog” thoughts for a solid 3 years, just like the new found insecurity of speaking my truth to other professionals was stopping me from advocating the best I could for children. I pushed through and started this blog and I have never felt braver or stronger. If you are reading this– thank you for helping me regain my strength, without even knowing it.

Each day, I feel my voice becoming stronger and I’m more willing to take the risk and sharing my truth. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity!

Here are the #10factsaboutme that inspired this post!


Ashley Boston

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