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Tis the season of sales and as much as I wanted to hold off on starting my Teacher Holiday Gift Guide Series-- I couldn't wait! ...and I may or may not have a birthday coming up and my mom has left me two voicemails and three text messages asking for a list. 

I never have an answer for the dreaded question: "What do you want for (insert any holiday or special occasion)?" I've learned that even if you don't submit a list, people will end up buying you things anyways. I think we've all been there with the natural consequence of not truly sharing what you want. Last year my brother bought me a mansized Charmander costume. My husband wore it for Halloween this year... He's 6'3....Touche little brother... Lesson learned. 

I love giving gifts but struggle with receiving them... Let alone telling people what I actually want. Can anyone else relate? 

Every Sunday until the week before Christmas, I will be sharing The Teacher Dress Code's Guide to Holiday Shopping! Each week will focus gift ideas under $50.00 for all of our various types of teacher styles! 

This week I am focusing on girly chic-- which is how I would describe my teacher style. I sent this visual and links to my mom for my birthday shopping... fingers crossed!

Whether you are looking for Holiday ideas for yourself, your teacher bestie, gift exchange, or any of the wonderful humans in your life--I'm hoping these ideas will make your Holiday planning and shopping easier 🙂 

A couple questions I have: How would you describe your teacher style? Who on your holiday list is the hardest for you to shop for? Does any one want a mansized Charmander halloween costume? 

Slightly kidding on the last question..... slightly. 

Ashley Boston

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I was looking for Girly Chic items to purchase for my daughter for her birthday, and I came across this site by total luck! Just imagine my surprise when I not only found the pictures of the items my loving daughter sent to me for her wish list, but then I see that this beautiful site is run by that same daughter! My Ashley, you will always amaze me with your accomplishments, energy level, your love of being a teacher and how you care for your students! I am a very proud mom of everything that you do! Your an inspiration to me! Love, mom

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