Sick Day Policy: Starbucks Medicine Ball

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Coming in hot at 4 feet 2 inches tall– hood up, scowl game on point, fast head turn to avoid making eye contact, arms crossed and… “Well why didn’t you tell me you were going to have a sick day yesterday?” *Deep glare into my soul for a solid 15 seconds until I realized I had to respond* “I didn’t know I was going to take a sick day. I woke up at 3 am with a fever and very congested.” No change in stance. “Well you could have told me! I’ve been waiting to do my work for you.”

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(insert all the straight faced, eye rolling, snarly looking emojis here)

I had to explain to him that just because I was gone he still had to do his work… The questions, “well why did you have to get sick?” followed… “You know how I’m always asking you to cover your mouth :)” BOOM. GOT HIM. But it’s true… just as true as the fear in taking a sick day… When I return will my anchor charts still be on the walls? My teacher set of smelly markers untouched? My hidden stash of chocolate still out of sight? Will the guest teacher be returning?… That’s just a small example… the downwards spiral of sick days lasts from the minute I decide it’s happening to the minute I walk back into my classroom… the fear is real.

It’s officially that time of year… Flu season… It’s like the 3 minute grand finale on the Fourth of July but instead of beautiful sparks of light captivating our attention it’s the 24/7 germ finale trying to hijack our inner immunity. 

Well… Starbucks takes care of our teacher tireds everyday AND hidden away on their secret menu… our teacher flus too! 

The Medicine Ball, also known as “The Cold Buster” tea will open up your sinus’, soothe away your itchy throats, and continue to pump of liquids routine we often fail.

This might be one of those mind over matter experiences but I swear by The Medicine Ball tea! I’ve purchased about 35 in the last year and have only had to taken ONE sick day… I do a couple of other things like drink a lot of water, pump the vitamin C, and eat a bowl of pho… but all together I’ve been able to drop kick my colds in no time!

If all your students are sniffling, sleeves of snot are flowing, coworkers are are starting to feel under the weather, or you have that slightly little tingle when you wake up… Head to Starbucks and try this remedy! It’s surprisingly really TASTY too!

If you try it– let me know how the remedy worked for you! What are your favorite cold remedies?

The Medicine Ball

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Ashley Boston

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