Dress Code: Jewelry with a SALE!

StellaDotTEACHERdresscoHalloween + Payday + HUGE STELLA & DOT SALE = TRICK & TREAT YOURSELF!

We have officially survived the scariest school day of the year! I’ve been loving seeing everyones halloween costumes, classroom traditions, and plans for trick-or-treating! 

I received an e-mail yesterday and thought it was to good to be true– but IT’S TRUE! ALL PRODUCTS! BAGS! WATCHES! EARRINGS! NECKLACES! SUNGLASSES! Stella & Dot is treating all of us hardworking ladies with a HUGE sale! This is the first time i’ve ever seen a Stella & Dot promo code (while being a stylist) and wanted to share in my excitement with everyone 🙂

I haven’t really shared this but maybe if you’ve clicked some of my jewelry or bag links you’ve seen that I am also a Stella & Dot Stylist… kind of… I say that very lightly! I’ve only had two trunk shows in my career, but I whole heartily love Stella & Dot products, the purpose, and the incredibly friendships I have created all because of jewelry.

After being involuntarily transferred from my middle school to elementary land, I had a really difficult time opening myself up to new friendships and the idea of being an elementary teacher… I was going into work everyday and darting straight into my classroom and only left to work with students, use the restroom, or… I can’t even say make copies because I would come in hours early to do that.

The first time I felt like home and that I belong at my new school was at a Stella & Dot party... that I was dragged to. It was the first time I had heard about the brand and instantly felt a strong connection to the versatile and beautiful jewelry and the way I had felt when I took a risk and opened my heart up to these new people– who I am now lucky enough to call my friends.

Almost all the jewelry and most of the bags in my post are Stella & Dot! If there is anything you’ve been eying— now is your chance to get an INSANE discount on their amazing products! My favorite gift to give are the engraveables and my everyday Stella & Dot pieces are my teacher bag and these sparkle studs! Check my #teacherootd section and previous blog posts for more of my favorite ways to style my beautiful pieces– in the meantime, check-out my favorite must-have pieces below!

StellaDotTEACHERdresscoPicture 1: Gold Tassels – Feather Earrings – Animal Print Watch – Winston Cuff – Knot Cuff – Engraveable bracelet – Chocker Luna Pendant
Picture 2: Blue Tassels
Picture 3: Black Wrap Watch –  Winston Cuff – Knot Cuff
Picture 4: Blush Tassels
Picture 5: 4-in-1 Mixed Metal Necklace
Picture 6: my teacher bag

If you have any questions, e-mail me at theteacherdresscode@gmail.com
If you’re on my store– make sure your stylist is set to Ashley Boston!

& Remember to use code:
$100 or more –> 20% off –> TREAT 20
$150 or more–> 25% off –> TREAT25
$200 or more –> 30% off –>TREAT 30

Happy Trick-or- Treat(shop)ing & Happy Halloween!

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.55.45 AM

Ashley Boston

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