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I learned something new and incredible over the weekend: H&M has a home decor line. I might be extremely late to the game, but when I stumbled upon my new found treasure I accidentally ended up spending my entire Saturday dreaming and planning.

I am still relatively new to elementaryland and have yet to master the art of classroom design. One of my goals this year is to make my classroom space be an area that my students are proud to be, in hopes of building their sense of belonging in school. One of to build their love for being safe and cared for in the classroom is by creating comfortable spaces just for them. Days like today when I am browsing pinterest endlessly for hours at a time, I realize all these beautiful and well thought out designs take practice, money, and time. I’m not going to wake up one morning, walk into a school and have a beautiful space… I’ve got to create it! During my intensive game of match-the-pinterest-picture web search I have to remind myself, “it takes practice, money, and time…” Oh… practice, money, and time you say? I don’t have much of any of that… #teacherproblems 

But today…

Practice, money, and time? BOOM. H&M, Thank you for solving two of my #teacherproblems and one of my classroom lay out problems! I recently flipped my entire classroom around which resulted in our classroom reading space became my new desk space. Not that my students actually used it anyways… it consisted of shelves full of books… but I’m convinced if it was special and thoughtful they would. 

I’m still slightly shocked I was able to find the perfect reading nook for under $50!!! That’s a total STEAL! H&M– you are AMAZINNNNG! What’s even more amazing is H&M has fully elementary proofed their pillow creation by selling pillow inserts and pillow cases. Julio got his pizza sauce face all over it? No big deal! Gaby’s little cheetos fingers write her name on it? Hey girl, glad you’re writing! Johnny’s been sick for two weeks and comes back and snuggles with the pillow? Plastic bag it home! I’m just saying… These pillows are much needed in your classroom!

I can’t wait for the mailman to deliver my little nook next week!

What are different ways you set up your classroom to help build a sense of belonging and classroom community? 

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Ashley Boston

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