Dress Code: 10 Tips for Teaching in Heels

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I’ve had so many colleagues say to me, “I don’t know how you wear heels… You’re a Special Ed Teacher!” And some days I ask myself that very question… Some days I lay on the carpet and build words with magnets and others I’m trying to track down my crew who have taken the “off-roading” approach to “walking” back to class.. and then there are those days where I am called into fast action and can be seen running down the hall way until I reach my final destination.

I’m also apart of multiple teacher social media groups where teachers are constantly asking for recommendations are comfortable shoes… I’ve always debated posting my favorite pair of wedges, heeled sandals, or open-toed booties that in my opinion, fit the criteria… but feel

I learned how to walk in heels during sorority recruitment my sophomore year of college and ever since then I’ve had the mindset of “if I can give 13, 30 minute long house tours walking up and down 5 flights of stairs, in heels, I can wear heels for anything!” Since becoming an elementary teacher, my idea of anything has slightly change… but here I am, standing at 5’6 instead of 5’2 on an almost regular basis.

Last year was my year of learning… Especially around heels, teaching, and what to do when you work with tiny athletes. 

If you’re a teacher debating wearing heels to work or have an active job where heels don’t seem like such a great idea, but the slight addition would take your outfit from a to a 10Here are my tips to you! 

1) Make sure your heels are the correct size! If they are slightly too small… the toe pressure pain can be unbearable…

2) The thicker the heel, the better stability you’ll have for running… or simply standing…

3) Wear any new pair of heels while grocery shopping before you wear them for a day teaching. I don’t know if it’s because you’re constantly dodging other carts and knocked over food or what…. but heels while grocery shopping is very telling!

4) Avoid heels with any bling or jewels, the jewels will get picked off. (only applicable to elementary teachers– I hope)

5) If you’re on recess duty, keep an extra pair of rainboots or sneakers hidden in your classroom.

6) If you’ve got runners and don’t feel like you’re a confident heel sprinter… yet #growthmindset, avoid strapey heels and stick to slip ons.

7) If you’re new to adding a couple inches into your daily work wardrobe, start with wedges, progress to a platform heel, and then take the risk of “any” heel type. 

8) For sensitive feet or uncomfortable heels, Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Sole Liners work wonders… 

9) Have a non-defensive response for, “I remember when I use to dress up for work…” or “I can’t believe you can walk in those things!!!” Because I’m technically under 5’2, my go-to response is, “Today I’m officially taller than all the kids!” 


10) Never, ever, ever wear heels on a Monday. Seriously, trust me on this one. I wear my converses or nikes every Monday… for good reason.

What are your tips for wearing heels as a teacher? Or tips for wearing heels in a fast leg moving job!? 

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Ashley Boston

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