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JACKET: Target  | TOP: Target  | JEANS: Old Navy  | SHOES: Nordstrom  |

And just like that… my sleepover filled weekend is over and I am off to my very first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year.

This weekend was the first time I was “home alone” in our new house. This is the first time I’ve ever lived in a house (besides my sorority house in college), so all the points of entry and size kind of freak me out… My husband went into the wilderness for a cabin bachelor party, so I brought the wilderness to me and had two nights of delicious take out, wine on demand (well amazon primenow), and some much needed girl time! How crazy is it that you can run out of wine and have it delivered to you within an hour??? I’m still mind blown by this concept…

For one of my slumber parties, we decided to play back-to-school dress up and mix-and-match some different outfit combinations. I can’t wait to share- my bedroom looked like Forever 21 on black Friday… totally worth it to style some of my favorite fall trends.

Anyways, I’ve been eagerly waiting for Seattle to stop trying to be Arizona so I can actually leave my house in this little camouflaged jacket. When I saw it at Target, I was kind of confused on how a bell sleeved camo jacket could look so endearing on the hanger. When I tried on the 32 items I had aggressively stuffed into my shopping basket (how I have never learned to only use carts at Targets is crazy…) I couldn’t believe my instant love for this jacket. It was the piece I was most excited about, but I knew it would be a while before I could take it out to happy hour.

After three weeks of patiently waiting for the temperature to drop below 80, I saw it was going to be 75 on Saturday. BOOM! I’ve got to style!

Within the chaos of our mock black Friday Forever 21 extravaganzas, I paired this little jacket with white jeans, a jean skirt, boyfriend jeans, and distressed skinnies… I loved it all. Camo would look good with everything 😉 Except it typically doesn’t… which is what makes this jacket the perfect camo addition to your closet!

The best part??? It’s only $29.99... This jacket is a fall must-have! I will admit, last season when camo starting coming out of hiding, I didn’t know how I felt about it… but this jacket has created a strong case for my new found love for camo clothing. Get this jacket before it sells out!!! For reference, I’m wearing an x-small!

Wishing everyone a Monday full of laughs, kindness, and productivity!

P.S… What do you think of the camo trend? Anyone else out there who had mixed feelings???

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Ashley Boston

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