I can not believe it’s already Friday! I am just about to head into my classroom and get organized! Well… clean up the mess I left after teaching summer school. One of my teacher besties was over this week and uttered 9 of the most shocking words, “I am not ready to go back on Tuesday…” I froze for a second… “Tuesday? This Tuesday?” I’ve apparently been in la-la-land because I didn’t realize we started our professional development this Tuesday, I thought it was next Tuesday. Talk about freeze, fight, or flight… Freeze is full swing. I’ve been working on preparing blog posts instead of lesson planning…….. WELP! Sunday Funday might not be as fun as usual… On a more organized note, here is my insta round up for the week 🙂

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D E T A I L S 
COFFE MUG: Similar  |  NOTEBOOK: Similar  | CANDLE: Similar  | PEN: Similar

One of my favorite things in this entire world is being able to put a smile on the face of someone that I admire and really care about. There’s nothing more fun than having an idea in mind and trying to put together the perfect little “you are amazing, thank you for everything, I would be lost without you kit!” If you’re ever looking to do this, go to TJ MAXX or Marshalls– they have the BEST finds!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.26.05 AMD E T A I L S
TOP: Similar (and only $10!) & Similar  | JEANS: Nordstrom  | CLUTCH: Similar  | WATCH: Amazon  | EARRINGS: Stella & Dot | LIPSTICK:  Amazon

I’ve become a huge fan of mixing patterns! I am so obsessed with animal print this season! My schools mascot is a jaguar and I’ve loved adding similar animal prints to my collection! The kids love it! These jeans are AMAZING by the way!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.26.31 AMD E T A I L S 
SHOES: Pacsun  | RUG: Amazon
THESE SHOES HAVE GONE ON SALE FROM $170 –> $85!!! THEY ARE 100% WORTH IT! I went adventuring yesterday to find some great outfit spots for when my husband has finished our yard and will have time to take actual blogging pictures for me… I was wearing these heeled sandals, jumped over a stream, went on a slight hike in the woods, and walked on some incredibly uneven cobblestone type sidewalk- TEACHER APPROVED! They are very comfortable! I would 100% click the link below before they sell out! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.26.46 AMD E T A I L S
The FIVE-MINUTE JOURNAL: Amazon  | COFEE MUG: World Market

I am planning to do a full blog post of The FIVE-MINUTE JOURNAL because it has honestly changed my life, but in the meantime, check it out on amazon. It’s worth the $18.95. I took a break from doing it because my mind was in a good place, but after a difficult summer trying to sort some work things out, I started using my journal again. Within 2 weeks, I can feel a shift in my mindset. My favorite aspect of the journal is you write a daily affirmation everyday with the sentence starter, “I am________” It truly makes you reflect on yourself, your strengths, and all the amazing attributes that make you, you.


I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their weekend! My husband will be gone at a bachelor party all weekend which means slumber parties for me! What are your plans this weekend!? 

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Ashley Boston

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