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BAG: Stella & Dot| PLANNER: TJ Maxx Similar |
NOTEBOOK : Similar | LOTION:  Anderson Lilley| HAIR VITAMINS: Hairfluence  WATER BOTTLE:  Neiman Marcus | SNACKS: Target | PENCIL POUCH: Amazon | PENS: Amazon | CHAPSTICK: Target |  TRIPOD: Amazon

 Happy Tuesday! I am just about to head to my school for a meeting with my principal and my teacher bag is ready for take-off because let’s be honest… I will walk into my classroom and start decorating upon arrival.

NOT SEEN IN THIS POST: future jalepeno chip crumbs, IEP drafts, data that needs interrupting, and lessons that need grading… but trust me they will come and everything will fit! I’ve always looked at my “teacher bag” as my “survival guide” for each school day. Before I learned my lesson about pocketless bags, I would through random things I thought I would need in my bag. All it did was add weight, take up space, and sat there… After 3 years of doing that, I’ve now pro-con-con-pro’ed it down to my daily survival items.

The Daytripper: Yes… It extends… Once you unzip the outside of the bag, the bag extends an extra 3 inches! (Click the link above to see) Those 3 inches are essential for adding in an extra sweatshirt, gift for a colleague, or anything else you might need to add last minute. Secondly, this bag 1 zip pocket, 2 spilt pockets, and a water bottle pocket. When thinking about all of the insanely odd, yet totally necessary (or how the heck did this get in here?), this stylish bag is a must-have if you’re a commuter, teacher, or in the market for a solid workbag.

Planner & Notebook: Both amazing Tj Maxx finds! While most of my work meetings (all 149 ones for the first month of school) are on my electronic work calendar synched with my phone, I am still a cute planner and pen type of gal. I’ve tried to enter happy hours, birthdays, and social plans in my electronic calendar–but I don’t get the same satisfaction as when I pull out my planner to check my schedule.

Lotion: Tiny humans bring on millions of tiny little germs… I am constantly washing my hands or using hand sanitizer… high fives after butt itches, hand holding after nose picking… I honestly have no choice. This lotion spells like the teachers lounge when our admin surprise us with donuts– heavenly. It’s a little on the thicker side and totally moisturizes all of the dryness out of your hands. I love it!

Hair vitamins: THESE SAVED MY WEDDING DAY. I’m incredibly busy in the morning and remembering to take my vitamins are the last thing on my mind. I keep them in my bag and religiously pull out my water bottle and take my vitamins as part of my morning routine. About 4 months before I became engaged, I cut 12 inches of my hair off… After our engagement (and photos….) I had 9 months to grow my hair out for my wedding. I looked into a bunch of different hair supplements and decided to give these a try. No joke- 10 of my friends take them eery day… The results are incredible. Your hair literally grows faster and thicker… After my eyelash extensions, my eyelashes looked like my mustache, but thankfully because of these vitamins, grew back to normal in no time. THEY ARE AMAZING. Highly, highly, highly, recommend.

Pencil Pouch: The thought of loose pens in my bags sends me into panic mode. After I had ruined my favorite Kate Spade bag with a lose sharpie, one of my sixth graders pulled out this cute little pencil pouch. I asked her wear I could find it and she pulled up the link on her computer, e-mailed it to me, and 2 days later, we were pencil pouch twins. It has multiple pockets for different purposes, and I can literally keep my headphones, advil (teacher must), hand sanitizer, hair ties, and about 15 pens or pencils in this little guy.

Water Bottle: This glass water bottle keeps my water tasting like actual water and like someone slipped a melted lego man into my water bottle! I love this water bottle because it’s easy to clean and very durable. I’ve dropped it about 10 times and there is no sign of damage.

Chapstick: During the fall when my summer tan fades, my eyes shopped at Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, and my face is puffy from all the stress eating, one would need a little pick me up… This tinted chapstick is the perfect distraction from the “first month of school” rollercoaster. When I feel like I’m having a “yuck” day, I will put a little of this on and instantly feel a tiny bit more humanlike vs. the zombie I’ve become.

Pens: Papermate always wins… The end.

Snacks: THESE BARS ARE DELICIOUS! They are my favorite school snack and I am constantly making sure I am fully stocked. I loved KIND bars before, but these pressed fruit make you feel like you’re on the beach in Mexico. They are healthy, filling, and help me keep my energy from dropping (aka hiding under my desk)…

Tripod: Everyone’s probably thinking… “why on earth does she keep a tripod in her school bag?” My answer to that is: just in case! You never know when a cute moment is going to arise or you and a co-worker are accidently twinning (which happened nearly weekend with my teaching bff) and everyone is so busy you find yourself with no on to ask to snap. You debate asking a student, but then fear they’re going to look through your camera roll, get the wrong angle, or take 100 selfies, but when you find out what has happened, the next crisis occurs and the picture is lost forever… true story… invest! It’s only eight bucks!

What are your daily survival items that you keep in your teacher bag?

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Ashley Boston

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