20590004_375645572838584_878799868389228544_nOUTFIT DETAILS
TOP: Target (wearing x-small)  | DENIM: Target (wearing size 25s)  | SHOES: Target (size 7, runs slightly big)  | HANDBAG: Stella & Dot  | WATCH: Stella & Dot 

It’s no urban legend that when a teacher walks through those automatic doors, spots the dollar section, and then continues to bounce from “such a good deals” to “I will need this in a couple of weeks” our entire “I need to get this from Target” plan has been tossed faster than our students attention the split second moment a stranger walks into our classroom.

Thankfully, I usually put “CLOTHES” on my “I need to get this from Target” list to avoid 100% of the teacher target toss. This week, I started my back-to-school clothes shopping at Target. One of the top reasons I love Target’s apparel section so much is the quality of the designs for the cost.

Cost. Money. All things that teachers (any many young ladies in the workforce) consider when making clothing purchases. Growing up, the cost of something and how much money something costed was a huge consideration in my family. I grew up with a single mom, who worked incredibly hard to support my brother and I. With that came a lot of stress about money and the cost of things.

Every year, I dreaded back-to-school clothes shopping for multiple reasons: I lived on an island and the only shopping was thrift stores, walmart, and… more thrift store. If I wanted “brand names” I had to go to garage sales or thrift store shopping and let me tell you– when you live on a tiny island in the PNW that is not the most ideal situation.

Starting at the age of 3, I had loved playing dress up, trying to be creative with fashion, and would dream someday of being able to wear the clothes that I wanted. My mom always had a closet full of beautiful clothes from the late 80’s that I would constantly try to sneak away from her room. One of my moms favorite stories to tell is when we were at the Bon Marche, she taught me to look for the red tags:) I don’t always look for a bargain or buy things on sale, but I put effort into looking for quality items that will last more than one season, that are reasonably priced, and something I would share with my friends.

Over the last couple of years, Target has met all that criteria for me: quality, versatility, brag-a-bilty- and price.  I secretly believe that Target created its various clothing lines specifically with teachers in mind.

My husband and I currently are in the process of moving into our first house and are without internet until Sunday (I am staying late at work so I can get this up and running). I wanted to share a little bit about my fashion story and post my first back-to-school Target find!

More to come– I promise 🙂 


Ashley Boston

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