First Freebie!

Every time a teacher posts a “freebie” I feel like I just found 20 dollars in my pocket. In honor of all those amazing teachers teaching summer school– my first freebie is an early sentence worksheet!

During the school year I teach 2nd & 5th resource room (special education). The majority of my students have extreme behavior needs (emotional behavioral disorders) or learning disabilities. Finding academic content that address their unique needs and engages their brain long enough for them to meet the objective has been very difficult.

I have many, many, many reluctant writers. When I first introduced this worksheet, my students instantly became engaged in writing. They were asking for specialized prompts and for permission to use the computer to find their own images for the worksheets 🙂 I love creating my own worksheets because I can specially design them to fit my students culture or interest.

Click the link below! 🙂 Enjoy!



Ashley Boston