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Over the last couple of weeks i’ve been very observant in my quest of finding the perfect theme for my last holiday teacher guide guide. In this pursuit I have come to a realization about myself– I’m a pretty impractical teacher. I’m not one of those stop and think what will I need at school today? What do I find myself wishing I had throughout the school day? type teachers. Maybe it’s because my schedule changes on the daily and i’m constantly multi-tasking student crisis, fifth grade recess “opportunities of growth” and trying to meet grade level standards through specially designed instruction (insert progression from laughing to crying emojis). I will have these spilt second ugh I wish I had ______  and then my mind goes to the next thing.

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Other Everyday Essential Ideas

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When I have days that are so overwhelming and it’s hard to see the light in the dark, I am lucky enough to have colleagues I can talk to and a box full of strategies I can turn to. My students and I are working towards a class celebration when we reach 100 Acts of Perseverance. Along with working towards identifying those challenges that our mind pushes us through, we learn strategies to help get us through the various difficulties in each day.

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File Folder Ideas

I’m going to ask for a little bit of grace on not following my typical format for my fall teacher outfit post this week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were filled with non-stop self-growth, reflection, and learning for both my students, colleagues, and I. I’m debating ordering a pair of combat boots and wearing them every day next week haha

Instead of talking about the outfit details and how to dress the featured piece up or down, I’m going to share the lesson I learned each day. Reflecting as a teacher can be really challenging at times. I think a lot of that comes from wanting to do right by all or the majority of our students and there are so many obstacles in allowing us to do that. When we reflect, it’s easy not to accept responsibility for certain things because of all the curriculum we have to get through, the policies we have to follow, the growth our students are expected to make, and all the school initiatives we must adhere to. It’s easy to say “that’s not my responsibility, I’m stressed, I have too much to deal with, & I don’t have time!” when thinking about the challenging obstacles throughout the week.

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Other Outfit Ideas

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I think it’s about time I start my Christmas shopping… Is there anyone else out there who hasn’t started yet? I’ve seen so many snaps and read multiple posts about people being fully done– you all are amazing! I’m going to compile my final list tomorrow. Wooh! Part 4 out of 5 of my Holiday Teacher Gift Guide series is officially live! I’m not going to lie, I re-did this one about 10 times because there are so many cute and comfy gift ideas out there. Speaking of being comfy.

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More Cute & Comfy Picks

Who else is patiently waiting for their Cyber Monday packages to arrive? As soon as I pull into my driveway I’m thinking please, please, please! Old Navy? You there? Where my new gap jeans at? Pixie pants? SHOES? BE HERE! I just want my new elementary teacher outfits! It’s comical to me that patience is a common characteristic of special education teacher because I am not patient AT ALL. Understanding, empathetic? Most days, but patient… Some might label it as patience and maybe it is but… I’m grateful my ability to wait for packages is not a criterion on my evaluation.

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Part 3 of my Holiday Teacher Gift Guide series! Can you believe there are only 3 more days in November! Time sure flies when you’re a…

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Other Polished & Preppy Gift Ideas

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Last week I caught myself thinking I wish they would just do what I asked them to do. I started my countdown from five and already started constructing my epic guilt trip. (insert your most epic guilt trip here) I looked straight ahead towards the awful hairy brown wall in my spilt classroom and saw our cause and effect poster: I hate school. I keep that poster up for a reason. Last year I heard the phrase “I hate school” over 50 times a day, every single day. That’s not an exaggeration either.

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D E T A I L S 
Target (x-small–on sale) |  Jeans: Old Navy (size 24, 50% off) |  Tote: Target  |  Shoes: Target (size 7.5) |  Lipstick: MAC

Forget the pink-– on Wednesdays we wear Black Friday Sales! Wait what???

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My Early Access Black Friday Picks

Holiday Teacher Gift Guide: The classically vibrant teacherone  |  two  |  three  |  four  |  five  |  six seven  |  eight nine  |  ten  |  eleven  |  twelve

Pajamas ALL DAY— 3 more days until I can make that my mantra for 4 straight days of family, relaxation, and lifetime/hallmark movies! Monday is the new Funday and here is #2 of 5 in my Holiday Teacher Gift Guide Series! 

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Did anyone else scratch the afternoon lesson plans on Friday and play apples to apples juniors instead? If you haven’t use apples and apples junior as an “I’m not in the mood, their not in the mood, they need to read, i’m doing it” lesson alternative– you should try it! Especially if you’re like me and don’t have all next week off… Today the saying the kids were bouncing off the walls developed a whole new meaning in my life because I actually witnessed four children climbing on the walls. While it might have been a huge safety concern and I did intervene, I’m actually really impressed with their ability to use their eight year old bodies to climb about 6 feet up a wall.

Maybe it’s the weather or the kids climbing walls but this week I wore a lot of black and animal print… Details below 🙂 AND almost all my Old Navy Finds are 40-50% off!

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